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Growth through illustration

Marie-Clémence Leveel illustrates, but that is not all. She also makes hidden issues behind a brand, an organisation and their client relations emerge through her drawings. She finds a way of including that extra element that at first seems minor but that makes everything come together and accelerate. MCL will spend time at your side to allow you to move forward with your collaborators and to communicate with your clients. MCL knows the power of a line and the eternal strength of beauty in all things and of beautiful intentions.

Entreprise elixir

Illustration as business facilitator and change agent.

Marie-Clémence Leveel creates objects of revelation and visual expression that are going to reinforce your corporate culture and media relations, allowing you to create change in your organisation.


Through her creations and her understanding of the issues at hand, Marie-Clémence Leveel captures the emotions of the company, giving leaders a unique way to identify the motors and energies of their organisations in order to build and consolidate value creation.


Through her approach with an uncommon perspective, Marie-Clémence Leveel overcomes resistance and moves beyond. Her sketches in situ realised during a moment of immersion in the company, the placing on paper of her perceptions and the advice that she provides with her original work all contribute to the successful implementation of change management. A drawn line becomes a call to action through the shared emotion it creates.

A travel journal within a company

Sketchbook of a company in an immersion experience on or off-site, either during the daily life of an enterprise or during corporate events. For Marie-Clémence Leveel, it is a question of capturing the soul of the enterprise and its story and of sketching the culture, thereby allowing better communication both internally and externally
People and places: J.M. Weston
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Sketched Instants of change

Marie-Clémence Leveel is present for the entire change process from the initial assessment to the success of the transformation, passing by the milestones of major steps in implementation— because “an illustration is better than a speech”. This work is destined for all change agents, both internal and external to the enterprise, who wish to add strength to their approach with mediation tools.
An illustration is better than a speech
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Brand beautifier

Illustration to transcend the brand’s raison d’être and its presence and beyond.

Whether Marie-Clémence Leveel draws a product, enhances corporate story telling, captures the energy of creative forces in a sketch or puts the emotions of the client onto paper, Marie-Clémence Leveel is always illustrating. But that’s not all. She is strengthening and augmenting strategic positioning that, associated with the evocative powers of illustration, allow to construct this simple client relationship that is so sought after.

Draw my product for me

Marie-Clémence Leveel brings spirit to each step in the marketing process through her illustration. From packaging to communication, from events in limited edition to mood boards and story painting, Marie-Clémence Leveel seeks to construct simple strength in all of the actions undertaken. Marie-Clémence Leveel experiences her illustration as a founding act in the creation of a product and as an initiative that strengthens and enhances a brand.
From J.M. Weston to Louis Vuitton
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Real-time illustration, a souvenir of time immemorial

Marie-Clémence Leveel sketches the life of boutiques and the present moment that clients share with a brand. The drawing appears under your gaze. Marie-Clémence Leveel treats illustration like a magical media that intervenes between the client experience and the imagination of a brand. Even more, Marie-Clémence Leveel proposes a more intimate reading of this client relationship—she will have been in touch with the Other in a unique way, without any obligations other than the pleasure of a shared moment over a drawn line.
LVMH private days
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Services for individuals

Illustrating our illustrious lives.

Marie-Clémence Leveel is an artist and an illustrator of life.

She likes to draw lives and objects.

Because family life is made up of people who are here now in the present day with both visible and invisible ties between past and future generations, and by places and objects that accompany us.

To capture these essential moments, this knowledge of heritage and to tell the family story to descendants. To show in a unique and essential way simple and ordinary lives so that the family can share its story.

Intimate portraits

People and places

For Marie-Clémence Leveel, projects for individual clients are created through encounters and a sense of trust. She explores family history in-depth, discovering the places and people who make up the soul of the family.

Portraits of family heritage

Marie-Clémence Leveel creates portraits of places, collections and heritage that have punctuated and marked the evolution of the family and that show its roots; family homes are one example, as they bring together generations with the objects that symbolise their heritage.
My house, my roots
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Family portraits

- Marie-Clémence Leveel aims to illustrate in her sketches the family spirit, the unique identity of the people and places inherent to it.
Those that I love
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Journals of family history

Journals of family moments and history

Marie-Clémence Leveel captures the people and the places that give them life, with their success and challenges, values and heritage shared over generations.

Sketches of family moments

Marie-Clémence Leveel illustrates and captures portraits of family life; these moments of joy, such as a marriage or celebration, that act as a milestone in the life of the family.
They were married and lived happily ever after…
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Drawings of family memory

Marie-Clémence Leveel is passionate about illustrations that explain family history and that allow the generations of a family to tell their stories.
Once upon a time in a family
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